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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by the University of Maryland

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Do you want to learn how to master digital marketing strategies? This free course, offered by Maryland University, is ideal for you. In this certificate course, you will understand how the digital economy works and develop the skills to succeed in e-commerce and digital and social media marketing.

Table of Contents


The fixed and mobile Internet and related technologies exert a profound influence on how business and social institutions evolve, how they are challenged – and sometimes even displaced. Companies that didn’t exist just a few years ago, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Uber, have radically changed the way we interact, communicate and navigate our world. Even Amazon and Google are relatively “young” from any point of view. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, manager or student, you need well-thought-out approaches to navigate and win in this evolving new environment.

This online course is organized around four major themes and uses relevant theory and analysis as well as numerous practical examples to develop key learning points and accelerate your knowledge of digital marketing.

Learning Outcomes

The topics are: Behavioral foundations for understanding and navigating the new online-offline landscape; New forms of interaction, including networking and reputation building; Digital marketing action tools and principles, including online advertising on fixed and mobile devices; New media platforms and the emergence of multiple marketing channels and mixed marketing models.

This course is beneficial for marketing professionals, analysts, entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors and consumers. This course is part of Maryland Smith’s Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing.

Who can attend this course

Course is open to anyone interested in digital marketing.

Prior knowledge

No basic knowledge required.

Course Curriculum​

What you’ll learn: 1.1 Digital Marketing Strategy; 1.2 Inbound and Outbound Marketing (also touching on social media marketing); 1.3 Mobile Marketing – Apps and Promotions; 1.4 Multi-Sided Platforms; 1.5 Overview of OmniChannel Marketing; 1.6 Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling.

The lecturers

P.K. Kannan and Lingling Zhang, professors at University of Maryland, USA.

Summary of the course




20 hours


45784 Students



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6 lessons

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